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Every word that is ever spoken out of my mouth or typed by my fingers, will be words that lift us

up and never words that tear us down. Truth may shake things up but it always brings freedom.




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  • The moment of truth. Nothing I knew could save me. From the mountains of Italy to the streets of Baltimore is a very long walk and yet I returned to those mountains. Majestic, yes. But in all their immovable strength they could not offer me any of their unspeakable secrets. I carried them with me and circled them relentlessly until in total submission, I heard His voice. Unlike Moses, I was not ushered to Mount Zion but the voice was unmistakable and undeniably the Creator whom I now call

    "Abba". I had my moment of standing on Holy Ground and

    now a choice had to be made. Do I believe? Can I trust?

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