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Speaking Truth

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Did you ever feel that what came out of your mouth was not what you really wanted to say? Now, I'm not saying we should speak everything we think and be totally unfiltered.

But rather, I am saying that we censor our speech according to what we may think someone wants to hear or perhaps what we think we are allowed to speak given our location at the time.

If we are in the work place, we then speak a certain way and know what we can say according to political correctness. If we are at a party another form of speech may apply. When we are speaking amongst out families perhaps still another set of rules is followed. Then when we are in a conversation with a trusted friend, there is yet another way we may speak. All this in an effort to "not offend" anyone or perhaps be sensitive to others differences and ways of thinking.

Ok. Having said all that, I am now saying that while I am aware of all this, I am now making every effort to speak the truth no matter what arena I find myself in or who may be in attendence. No, I am not going to be insensitive and unfiltered but I am going to let go of holding back information that I know to be truth at the risk of offending anyone.

I have been offended many times in my life at what others have said to me. I know now  that I had a choice in taking that offense. So while I no longer take offense and do not define myself according to others opinions of me, I do recognize that the spoken truth can only bring light. If someone should not receive that light, it is their responsibility to handle that, whether it means turning away from it or moving to a place where they can receive the light in smaller doses.

Where are we in speaking truth?  Not "your" truth or "my" truth .....but absolute truth? Do we know what this is? 

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