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Updated: Jul 10, 2019

It was four am May 4, 2016 and I was awakened suddenly. I heard a voice and while catching my breath, I scrambled to find my pen and pad of paper.

It was four am May 4, 2016 and I was awakened suddenly. I heard a voice and while catching my breath, I scrambled to find my pen and pad of paper. Sitting upright now, light on, eyeglasses in place, pen and paper ready, my eyes closed as I sat very still to hear the voice again. "Start writing." Yes! That's what I heard the first time! Of course I knew who it was. Had no doubt really. Just amazed at why He always chooses the middle of the night to speak to me! Then again, as the Maker of the universe, I suppose He can do what ever He wants; when He wants. But that is not why He chooses the early morning hours to have a conversation with His children. If we stopped long enough to listen during the daytime hours, we could hear Him and not need to be awakened from our sleep. So He has no choice, really. 

"I want you to teach my people to be health in body, soul and spirit, so their faith may increase."

As I quickened my writing to keep up with His instructions, I could  not even think straight in my state of half awake and half asleep. But as He spoke, I became so very excited at what He was saying that as soon as the writing stopped, four pages later, I  had a slew of questions ready. 

How was I to teach anyone? I am not a teacher by profession. Who are "my people"? The church people? The Jewish people? Everyone? I know how to keep myself healthy in  my body, but my soul and spirit is a constant work in progress. And how does this all relate to increasing faith? I thought we were are given a  measure of faith and it was up to us to increase it by reading the Word of God and developing a personal relationship with Him and His Son Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. As was revealed to me, this is correct but incomplete.

The most amazing thing happened next. He revealed to me that the body, soul and spirit which make up a human is like the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and by teaching that these must be in alignment is the key to increasing our faith in the Creator of all! Not just "balance" and "alignment" which we always hear about but alignment with the will of God which is first found in the word of God and then ....applied to our bodies, souls and spirits. Wow!!!

So the "New Age" and "Transcendental" concepts of achieving balance and unity from self and "not God" entities,  really do not achieve total health without including God's will and the acceptance of His Son who restored us to Himself and the power of the most Holy Spirit!  Once we include the will of God in our health, out faith in God must increase! With that increase comes clarifications of who we are and where we are going and why is these life of any significance? 

I have been active in serving our Lord since 2011 as a Minister and discovered God wanted to use me to heal and deliver His people from sickness and demons, so of course I hesitated big time at first  and eventually bowed to His will. Another Jonah I did not want to be! This allowed me to become knowledgeable of spiritual matters. Years ago I spent five years in counseling under a "teaching Psychologist" who called me "Intern" and from which I learned the insights of the human psyche and emotions. This would be the soul. But other then my own health journey and working professionally in healthcare in doctor's offices and a fitness center, I did  not feel adequate to be an authority on any one else's health.

This is when I discovered the budding art of "Health and Wellness Coaching"  on the wonderful world web in June, 2016!  I was then Certified as a  Health Coach in July, 2017. Currently I am in the process of being credentialed to teach Biblical Transformation Life Coaching classes to others who wan to be Life Coaches for God's people. I discovered that "teaching my people" meant to teach them His ways and required a solid program embedded with Gods principles for any of this to succeed in guiding Gods children so "their faith can be increased" Him!

Gods people need to have conversation with God's coaches not the coaches who guide from a purely psychological perspective and adapt their teachings to what ever the client's beliefs are and guide them from that point. God's Life Coaches teach from a knowing of God's ways for God's people. This means, if you accept God as the Creator of all and His Son as the One who brought us back to God and know the power of God in the Holy Spirit, then this coaching is for you. If  you want to learn about God's ways , this coaching could be for you. If not..the decision is  yours. 

God has higher and higher levels of success for His children and therefore a consistent increase in faith in Him is needed! Not faith in solely ourselves or any other. The foundation must be built on the unification of Body, Soul and Spirit....not Mind, Body and Soul as some would think.

I am utterly blown away and so filled with anticipation of what's to come next!

Come let us begin ! 

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